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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

When it comes to products from the Caribbean, we find it hard to locate these products right away. The only safe area to locate these products are buying them through web sources, such as eBay, amazon, wayfair, google, etc. the middle man and the family small businesses are left out. This is why Bein’ Carib app is the thing to have. We help to find those local markets. Those mother and father small businesses near your location with those Caribbean products. Download our app today!

The truth is most Caribbean people are stuck in their ways and culture, adaptation is a struggle. Finding that product, that restaurant re-a-sure them that home is just a mindset. we can create home away from home.

About our App

BEIN' CARIB is not just a generic software app, it's a unique niche that focuses on  users interface. people need to know where to locate Caribbean products or other related topics to Caribbean. This app while focused on a niche, covers numerous broad categories to provide a fully embodied interaction.   

Some Caribbean products are difficult  to find. This is why BEIN' CARIB has taken up the mantle of locating stores that may carry a handful of products you may need. This app seeks to cater to the direct need of its consumer. If we are unable to locate a specific product the app is designed to give you information on where to find the nearest Caribbean grocery stores. One of the problems  Caribbean people face in a different country is not having the ability to find products that have been with us since we were children. This app shows you list of Caribbean stores that essentially carry these products. BEIN' CARIB is everything Caribbean, you name it we find it for you.

Our commitment is to solve most of your locating needs. BEIN' CARIB is the answer to your question. BEIN' CARIB is Caribbean. Let us carry the weight on our shoulders to find that product for you. - A Restaurant- A Store- Countries - Events- Food- Nightlife- Caribbean Communities / Festivities and many more.


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